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What is Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing art that is passed down through initiations. Practitioners are gifted symbols to be used as tools to guide universal energy to those wishing to be healed. The symbols’ power comes from the many generations of healers that have meditated on them and placed specific meanings behind them. Many energy healing techniques have been lost and rediscovered throughout human history and “Reiki” is a more recent name for the gentle flow healing technique that was rediscovered in Japan. Reiki works alongside any faith or belief system. My approach is centered around creating a space free from judgement where you can speak openly about your experiences and healing goals. Together we set an intention for pure, unadulterated energy to be welcomed by you. I work as a conduit to guide energy and assist it to flow where it is needed. Like a trickling stream, Reiki energy will gently wash over you and fill voids, balancing and centering your energy field. With Reiki, you will only be nudged in your healing and never rushed. Sessions will be a catalyst for slow, long-term changes and can also manifest immediate shifts in your outlook and physical well-being. During treatment, energy meridians are renewed, and physical and emotional traumas are released. Each session is as unique as the individual, so be prepared for a magically captivating experience.

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