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5 W’s and an H for some Craniosacral Clarity


Craniosacral Therapy is safe for just about everyone, unless you have recently suffered a significant head trauma.


Craniosacral Therapy is a manual therapy directed at working the tissue (dura mater) and fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) that cycles around your brain and central nervous system through supporting the connective tissue to realign and settle back into homeostasis.

When (kinda):

Your craniosacral session will be scheduled for 90 minutes, which will include a thorough intake, assessment, and mutually agreed upon treatment plan. In terms of when it’s good to schedule though? Any time you want to schedule an appointment is a good time for craniosacral therapy!


While the focus of craniosacral therapy is the cranium > spinal cord > sacrum, and the enclosed cerebrospinal fluid, your therapist will assess your craniosacral rhythm from anywhere on your body, even your feet! From there your therapist will work with your body from root to crown.


Craniosacral Therapy is beneficial because it targets and treats the cerebrospinal fluid and structures, which are integral to the nourishment and healthy function of your central nervous system.


Through delicate, supportive, intentional touch and stillness, your therapist will tune into your craniosacral rhythm to locate and release areas of restriction



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