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Reiki Master



I am following in my stepfather's footsteps as a Reiki energy worker.  At 8 years old, I was introduced to meditation and spiritual practice.  Growing up, my family attended regular meetups with our Reiki master, but it wasn’t until 12 years ago that I was compelled to become a certified practitioner.  Later that year, my stepfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It became clear why I had been so moved to revive my healing studies.  I aided his transition and helped to dissolve conflictions about leaving this physical realm behind. The experience of our sessions solidified my purpose as a healer and spiritual coach.  Introducing others to the sense of peace and ease that Reiki brings is my true passion.  

Practicing under both the Usui and Tanran Reiki lineages, I tailor my technique to the comfort of my clients.  Accessibility is important to me.  I realize not everyone can lay on a massage table for extended periods, so accommodations can be made for chairs, movement, or parallel activities.  My physical approach uses varying pressure and slightly guided body movements.  Alternately, I can use my touch-free technique for active beings or those with sensory differences or chronic pain.  Reiki infused aromatherapy and binaural beats are options to enhance the experience and in each session, I incorporate ancient wisdom and intuitive guidance to create a spiritual goal or ritual to take home with you. This helps to seal the intention of our work and continue to further you on your personal journey.  Let me introduce you to Reiki and feel for yourself the warm and welcoming sense of connection and belonging that you have been yearning for.  


Request your appointment here:

Reiki | 1 hr - Wood Village

Reiki | 1.5 hr - Wood Village

Reiki | 2 hr - Wood Village

In-Home Reiki | 1.5 hr - Your Place

In-Home Reiki | 2 hr - Your Place



"I recommend a reiki session from Sheeba. I was dealing with chronic neck pain that would not leave me no matter what I did. They helped dissolve the pain completely after a couple of days of letting the reiki healing set. My creative writing blockages went away too. I am very happy!"


"I’ve had a deep aching tightness around my backside ribs for months after sleeping on the couch in the wrong spot. I get massage weekly and chiro every 2 weeks. Nothing had been able to really make a dent in getting that tension to release.

And then I got on the table under Sheeba’s hands and within minutes I literally felt the tension melting away in my back and slept so freaking good last night!

If you’re still reading, do yourself a favor and get a reiki session with Sheeba. Their ability to help your body back into balance is truly unmatched. Even if you’re the type who likes hard-pressure, deep tissue, no pain - no gain kind of bodywork, do yourself a favor and find out how much relief is possible without force."


Call or text (360) 356-1924 to schedule an appointment

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