Reiki Master



Sheeba has been a reiki master for 11 years, as well as a lifelong practitioner, since they were introduced to reiki as a child when their stepfather started his reiki healer journey in 1994.

In addition to traditional hands on reiki, they have adapted a gentle, no touch approach which is perfectly suited for those who are uncomfortable with physical contact. Sheeba specializes in working with autistic people and those with sensory issues, or are unable to tolerate touch due to chronic pain. They have found the touch free reiki is also beneficial to those wanting a totally immersive relaxation experience.

Sessions can be enhanced with reiki infused binaural beats or verbal guided meditation.

Sheeba believes that everyone has access to the energetic flow of reiki and they will help you to unlock that healing potential and be a catalyst to your journey of health.

Sheila even offers mobile Reiki service from Vancouver, WA to Salem, OR