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Licensed Massage Therapist #26972



Kelly has been involved in some form of health and wellness for almost ten years, initially focusing on her own healing to reshape her life and align with her core values of compassion, interconnection, and physical movement. Her approach to clients and massage is one of deep listening and discovering each client's unique preferences. She offers traditional modalities such as Swedish and deep tissues, myofascial release, and energetic practices to create an integrative approach that addresses body, mind, and spirit.

You can expect a sincere focus on your well-being and an open-heartedness in your therapeutic connection. Kelly leads each session with mindfulness to help you fully inhabit your body and bring you into greater awareness of physical sensations. After establishing this link, you determine the level of conversation or silence. Each session varies depending on your needs and preference. The entire spectrum of movement and conversation is welcome!

Kelly is connected to several communities in Portland that explore paradigm shifts, including ecstatic dance, authentic relating, platonic touch/cuddling, song circles, kirtan, and yoga. She enjoys sharing these practices and events with interested clients and loves connecting people to communities.

If you are looking for a session with Kelly and can't find an appointment time that works for you, please call or text her directly at (541) 623-0793.

90 Minute In-Home Session:

120 Minute In-Home Session:

(541) 623-0793

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