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Licensed Massage Therapist



Danika is a human who exists as part of an organic space suit, commonly referred to as a “body” and as a being in this form, on this planet for the last several decades, she has a decent understanding of how daily life can take a toll on our bodies. She also has first-hand experience with myofascial pain that comes from everywhere and nowhere, all the while radiating misery that can't be rooted out and the only "help" is medication. However; during her time at East West College of the Healing Arts, she was not only educated in a multitude of massage applications for all sorts of pain and discomfort but through myofascial release, was freed from life-long pain in a way that she hadn't known was possible. Thus leading to her obsession with all things massage and a burning desire to share the healing that massage can bring.

Danika provides a unique style of massage that blends a variety of modalities and techniques to support your body in getting back to balance with treatment that supports soothing the nervous system and reconnecting brain and body.

In terms of the technical types of massage that she does, there is a bullet list just after this paragraph. The important thing to know is that working with Danika will probably be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. If you are looking for a hard-pressure “make it hurt” kind of massage, she isn’t the one. However, if you want meaningful bodywork that feels safe and soothing, while still managing to be effective - Danika has you covered. She blends elements of technical medical massage with an unintentionally "woo" kind of intuition that allows your body to take the lead in your treatment. All in a trauma informed bubble where your input matters. Making sure that you are seen and heard as a collaborator in your treatment as being paramount to your wellness since no one knows your body’s story like you. 


Danika’s library of modalities:

•Myofascial Release (John Barnes method)

•Trigger Point Therapy

•Swedish (Relaxation) Massage

•Tui Na

•Craniosacral Therapy

•Deep Tissue (Gentle, gradual pressure)

•Neuromuscular Therapy •Orthopedic Massage

•Osteopathic Techniques

•Gua Sha (scraping)

•Cupping Therapy


Book with Danika here:


Massage Therapy | 1 hour | Gresham

Massage Therapy | 1.5 hour | Gresham

Massage Therapy | 2 hour | Gresham

Medical Massage | 1 hour | VA Community Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield | Gresham


Massage Therapy | 1 hour | Estacada

Massage Therapy | 1.5 hour | Estacada

Massage Therapy | 2 hour | Estacada

Medical Massage | 1 hour | VA Community Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield | Estacada



"Danika is a fantastic massage therapist. She listens very carefully, and her passion for massage and bodywork is unmatched. I came in with lower back pain and after a 90 minute session I felt much better. If you need a massage or craniosacral therapy I highly recommend Soully Aware. Looking forward to my next appointment!"


"Danika provides and excellent massage that puts me to sleep every time. I’m so excited to continue my weekly sessions with her."


"5 stars all around!!!! A great and thorough massage. I had a therapeutic massage and it was absolutely the best!!!! I was having aches in my back for 2 weeks up until Danika helped sort them out. I highly recommend and will be coming back!"


"I just had my first session w/Danika & Her Work/Presence Is Awesome !!! I have been a Massage/Shiatsu Professional Full Time Practitioner for going on 30 Years & I will share something that was shared w/me at the Beginning of my career from a Seasoned Professional, "Whatever "IT" is Therapy/Technique/Touch wise ..."You've Got IT !" Right Atcha Danika <3 !!! A Long Fulfilling Journey lies ahead, drink it in : ) ! The Facility was Very Clean & Welcoming as Well ! Thank You : ) !"


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