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Qiana Compositions - A Passionate Pen

Qiana Compositions is a preeminent Author whose professional career began back in 2019 after her first published work. Since then, she's explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await her latest releases. With numerous up and coming bestsellers and projected awards to her name, Qiana Compositions continues to push literary boundaries.

Ricky Skiba Coaching

I have always been in industries that help people discover how amazing they are. My journey started with leadership training through the 4-H clubs of America. From there I got a degree in Adventure Education from Unity College and started working for therapeutic wilderness programs. For five years I worked as a backpacking instructor helping struggling teenagers with self-image and communication skills. After leaving the woods I got certified as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and transformation coach. I have been training people online ever since.

Essential Awakenings Coffee Roasters

Creating a better life
Bringing business home is an everyday adventure. We get the opportunity to spend more time with our kids creating memories. 
This business is creating the chance for our 4 kids to get involved and see first hand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. We hope to foster each of the kids' creative interests so they can shine uniquely in the world.

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