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Massage & bodywork helps you feel better.

Why stay in pain or stress any longer than you have to?

Book a session today and find out what deep healing feels like.

If you're looking for knowledgable and intuitive massage and bodywork from therapists who are passionately obsessed with providing healing support, you have found the right place.


Licensed Massage Therapist #26808


Wood Village, OR

Myofascial Release

(John Barnes method)

Injury Prevention &  Recovery

Chronic Pain Support

MVA (car accident)

FSA/HSA Accepted

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Reiki Master


Wood Village, OR

In-home sessions throughout PDX & Vancouver


Licensed Massage Therapist #26972

In-home massage therapy SE PDX

Coming Soon

Licensed Massage Therapist

In-home massage therapy Eugene, OR

Coming Soon!

About Us

At Soully Aware we are passionately invested in whole person well-being through massage, bodywork, & reiki as part of a whole wellness and healing practice.

Whether you want a one-time relaxation and restoration session, or a massage therapist or healer that will work with you to create a custom treatment plan based on your long-term health goals - we work collaboratively with you to give you custom and meaningful support based on your individual needs.

We welcome you to an environment of love and acceptance for all, regardless of body type, ethnicity, or outer expression. If you exist in a body, you deserve to love that body and treat it well.


You can find out more about our practitioners and massage therapists and their approach to wellness on our team page.




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Some Thoughts About Tipping

To tip? Or not to tip? Or how much to tip?

How about, let's not.

There is no need to offer your massage therapist or reiki master a tip for the treatment you receive. If you are curious, here are some reasons why we aren't into tipping...

  • we get paid enough, even with donating a portion of each session to the community fund

  • paying more won't get you more

  • tipping is rooted in worker oppression and intended to reinforce classist and racist master/servant roles which still disproportionately affects BIPoC people

So rather than participate in and perpetuate an antiquated and oppressive system, we don't accept tips.

However, if you find yourself needing to overpay for your treatment, we contribute that money to a community fund that provides massage and bodywork for BIPoC people in need of care. 

If you would like to request community-funded care, smash that green button and schedule an appointment. As long as funds are available, your request will be approved!

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